Become an Ambassador

Become UWANTME Ambassador

Are you influencers who are passionate about nerf toys products especially nerf guns and target or equipment? Do you want to get free nerf toys for your children's birthday gift?

If this sounds like you, #uwantme invites you to be our brand ambassador! You will get the opportunity to present and share our toys products, sharing experience to more people who also love nerf toys products.

We understand how much influencers mean to us in promoting our brand. That’s why we’d like to work with you to build a better future for every one of us together.

To become influencer for UWANTME, you or your organization need to meet at least one of the following requirements:

1. 30000+ fans/followers/subscriptions on either Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, blog or website. Our product link should be listed in the review.

2. More than 50 comments per post/video.

What you will get from this program?

Free Trial of our toys products

Exclusive discount code for your followers

Product support for your GIVEAWAY campaigns

Marketing advice to help your follower growth

So much more


How to Join in?

Contact us via or send us DMs on instagram or facebook (@uwantme)