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1) Affiliate Commission & Payment:
Commission 10%: The affiliate partner will get 10% commission of the sale of one entire order brought by his or her affiliate link;

Payment will be paid through paypal (so please try to use your paypal email to register and set the method of receiving payment at the payment settings after you login to your affiliate page)

2) Affiliate Creating Methods/Procedures:
There are 2 methods to create affiliate links:one is created by UWANTMETOY worker; the affiliate can contact UWANTMETOY to ask the worker to create the link (send the email used to register to the worker); the another one is created by the affiliate. Then the followed are the procedures for the affiliate to create the link by her or himself:

Step1: Open the registration link, input your name, email address and password then click the "Creat Account" button; or do not input anything in this page, just click the under button "sign in with Google" or "Sign in with Facebook"

Step 2: After create the account or sign in, you will be switched into the home page of your affiliate or you can login your account on the login page ; Please remember to verify your email and copy your affiliate link to share it on your social media pages;

About the VIP Club Program
At UWANTME Toy, listening to and applying feedback is a critical part of what we do. The criticism and praise we
receive from our fans go straight back to our product developers to deliver exciting new improvements.
To encourage this, we created the Smart Plus User program. Joining one is just like joining a VIP club.
You get exclusive discounts, loyalty rewards, and other special benefits.
Test our products, lend us your perspective, help us get it right.

The VIP club can have the privileges to get exclusive discount codes of our products or even free products, we will decide according to applicants' qualifications.
You are expected to review and provide us with detailed and unbiased feedback on the products.
Applicants can apply for the products they are interested in, but sometimes we have to change based on our product development plan and stock conditions.

Who Can Apply

We hope more people can join our Program, but due to increasing applicants and limited resources, we need to select the applicants based on the following requirements:
• Active users on social media platforms (at least 10,000 followers and high engagement). Over 2000 YouTube followers and quality video production.
• Blogs, forums, or tech websites (top 10,000 on Alexa global ranking, a senior member with quality posts and threads).
• Valid links to your review posts on e-commerce platforms, social media, YouTube, blogs, deal/tech websites, etc. must be provided for evaluation.

VIP Club Support: