Biilaflor Automatic 360°Rotating Interactive Cat Laser Feather Toys

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Interactive Cat Laser Toys, Automatic Cat Feather Toys for Indoor Cats Kitten, 2-in-1 Electric USB Charging 360°Rotating Cat Toys with 2 Feathers & Tassel

How to use:
1.Install the telescopic rod on the interface
2.Put the Non-slip bases stuck the base.
3.Adjust the foot height.
4.Push the button to adjust the circling range of the light.
5.Press the power button once,the feather and light play simultaneously.

Package include:
Cat Toy *1
Non-slip Base *4
Telescopic Rod *1
Instruction Manual *1
USB Charging Cable *1
Replacement Feather *3



  • 2-in-1 Cat Toys: This cat toy combines cat feather toy with cat laser toy. Cats can chase feathers and lasers at the same time, gaining double joy in the game. And the interactive cat toy can let your cat train their natural instincts of hunting,biting and scratching when playing.
  • 3 Rotating Speed: The cat feather toy has three automatic rotating speeds : Fast, medium and slow, you can choose the mode according to the cat’s preference,or you can start slowly and then quickly, and cycle gradually.
  • 2 Circling Ranges: The cat laser toy has two adjustable light ranges. You could adjust the range of the light spot by the "up/down" button to attract the cat’s attention. You could also place high, to avoid being knocked over by the cat.
  • Adjustable Telescopic Rod& Base: The telescopic rod and the non-slip bases can be adjusted freely for different cats' need. The telescopic rod is installed on the top,you can take it down to tease the cat,stimulates cat's senses and hunting instincts and keep cats occupied and enjoyable.
  • USB Charging: The electric cat toy is charged by USB cable, it can last 3-4 hours working after full charge for 2 hours. The automatic cat toy will shut down after working 30 minutes in random speed, help to prevent the cat from being over-stimulated.